Talent Management Design

Design your talent management processes to align with your vision.

Understanding what people want and what motivates us, enables organisations to optimise their performance. Through people.

There is an essential need for organisational and human capital leaders to design the right people process to promote performance and wellbeing.  Latest trends for people at work (including millennials) reveal the importance of practising diversity and inclusion, removing bias, promoting collaboration, enabling self-leadership, developing leaders as coaches to encourage powerful conversations, growth mindsets, and innovation, and optimising drivers of body-brain systems to impact core competencies.

Using the Neurozone FourCore neuro-psychometric tool reveals the opportunities for improving these body-brain systems, and how they point to building universal competencies of self-leadership, resilience, learning capability, and innovation capacity. And these can be weaved into the talent management framework to enhance the human capital journey and experience. And ultimately optimise performance.

How can you change your talent management processes to promote performance and wellbeing? 

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Talent Management offerings:

  • Working with corporate business unit leaders and teams, HR leaders, SMEs, sole proprietors, non-profits, and entrepreneurs
  • Exploring ways to incorporate core competencies for performance and wellbeing into talent management processes
  • Designing a framework for talent management
  • Redesigning talent management processes
  • Structuring effective teams
  • Creating generic documentation, frameworks and processes for effective organisational development [OD]
  • Refreshing approaches to implementation and communication
  • Redesigning and implementing people practices that align with business strategy
  • Applying customised methods and transferring knowledge to ensure sustainable results
  • Taking a fresh approach to define the vision and initiate operational action
  • Offering simple talent management solutions to leaders with limited resources

‘A call to action’ for today’s organisations is emphasised in the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2018.

‘In this new era, human capital is inextricably tied to social capital. This reality demands a fundamental pivot in how organizations do business today — and how they prepare for the human capital challenges of the future.’ Based on the results from its global survey, Deloitte goes on to position the need for a shift from business enterprise to ‘social enterprise’.

‘A social enterprise is an organisation whose mission combines revenue growth and profitmaking with the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholder network. This includes listening to, investing in, and actively managing the trends that are shaping today’s world. It is an organisation that shoulders its responsibility to be a good citizen (both inside and outside the organisation), serving as a role model for its peers and promoting a high degree of collaboration at every level of the organisation.’

Contemporary neuroscience-based findings and applications within talent management (human capital) processes align with the need for change and the elements for building performing people and organisations. These applications can enable businesses today to enhance the key competencies required of today’s people for their individual wellbeing and performance and their environment, as well as wellbeing and performance of the organisation within the the greater environment in which it operates. This makes for a more resilient, synergistic and caring organisational systems that integrate positively within their environments (total systems).

Contemporary neuroscience coaching studies have acted as a catalyst to transform the Carlson business.

‘I now see the world of change – of people, teams, organisations, and societies – through a different lens. And I am constantly learning.’ Mandy Carlson, Founder