Consulting for Performance

Performance made possible.

Introducing a unique organisational change solution to impact performance.

  • How can you identify and promote the drivers for optimal performance and wellbeing?
  • How can you create the right environment to promote change?
  • How can you manage and support teams through change?
  • How can you attract, retain and inspire your people?

There are some exciting alternatives for leaders to improve performance by optimising drivers of body-brain systems to impact core competencies.

Carlson using a combined approach driven by neuroscience, brings together the expertise of behaviour change, and neuroscience-based interventions using one or more of the following depending on the client need and environment.

o Results / Performance Coaching
o Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching
o Organisational Development Consulting
o Change Consulting
o Talent Management Consulting
o Neurozone Performance Tools

Feel free to contact me for a conversation to explore how to implement change and make performance possible.

Mandy Carlson is an independent coach and change consultant. Recent studies in neuroscience-based coaching have acted as a catalyst to transform the Carlson organisational development and coaching practice. Mandy has 20+ years of consulting experience, an honours degree in Organisational Psychology, and is an accredited Coach through Neuroleadership Institute and Results Coaching as well as Neurozone. You can contact Mandy directly via email.

David Rock is the founder of the global Neuroleadership Institute and is transforming significant organisations through neuroscience teachings. He has written several books that provide great insight to leaders and impacting change, two of these are Quiet Leadership and Your Brain at Work. Brain-based Coaching – Results Coaching – is a a training programme accredited by the Neuroleadership Institute for leaders and coaches to transform the performance of their teams and clients.

‘Dr Etienne van der Walt, Founder of Neurozone, is an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and authority in early childhood brain development. Through the practical application of neuroscience, Neurozone delivers effective solutions with extraordinary dividends in high performance and for corporate leadership development, corporate wellness and business leadership. Neurozone’s global clients include MIT Sloan School Executive Management Program, McKinsey, Duke Corporate Education, Investec, Deloitte, Barclays Africa, Liberty, to mention but a few.’