Coaching for Change

What do you want to achieve or change? 

I support people like you and me – leaders, teams and organisations – realise the results you want to achieve by focusing on what you want, and finding the best alternatives to get there. 

The process is solutions-oriented which keeps the brain in a positive (and emotionally neutral) state for the most effective thinking.  It is simple yet structured, using a combined approach driven by neuroscience.

How does your worldview enable or limit your experience?

What do you think you can’t shift when in fact you can?

This is your opportunity to experience a different perspective by learning to create new ways of thinking using a combined approach driven by neuroscience.  You have an opportunity for a space to think and be supported through change.

I am an accredited Results Coach through the Neuroleadership Institute and am in the process of working towards an ICF accreditation. 

Each client has a different need for change. Here are some coaching options.

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How can you optimise your performance and wellbeing to thrive?

Validated by science, Neurozone has identified the drivers of brain-body systems to improve wellbeing and performance of leaders, teams and organisations. Some of these drivers include nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep and wake cycles, and silencing the mind. These and other drivers are critical for wellbeing and performance and impact directly core competencies of self-leadership, resilience, learning capability, and innovation capacity. These four competencies can enable human and organisational performance and therefore reduce chronic stressors that cause burnout.

As an accredited coach of Neurozone, I am able to work with clients using the FourCore neuro-psychometric assessment tool to help you optimise your brain-body systems by improving performance of these drivers and commit to live your best life and thrive.

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