Change for effectiveness and wellbeing

Carlson listens to understand the organisational context and responds uniquely to each environment to help enhance human capability.

Carlson consults with leaders and teams in the areas of organisational development, change management, talent management, internal communication, management support, and related projects to improve effectiveness.

There are some exciting and accessible alternatives for leaders to improve effectiveness within leadership, teams and the organisational context.

Think blended, pragmatic learning solutions for developing capability; collective creativity for innovation; powerful conversations to enhance development (vs traditional performance appraisals); psychological safety and growth mindset; and optimising drivers of body-brain systems for wellbeing to enhance capability.

Neuroscience-based findings and studies have acted as a catalyst to transform the Carlson business.

                      ‘I now see the world of change through a different lens.’

We offer alternative perspectives to leaders. We look to transform the status quo by applying customised and innovative approaches to refine processes and improve outcomes. And ultimately optimise effectiveness.

  • Designing, implementing and supporting change solutions
  • Supporting leaders to gain buy-in and traction for change
  • Taking a fresh approach to define and promote the vision
  • Exploring ways to improve effectiveness through people and culture
  • Working with corporate business units and teams, SMEs, sole proprietors, non-profits, micro enterprises, and entrepreneurs
  • Offering basic business management solutions to leaders with limited resources