Coaching powered by Neuroscience

For you – private individuals, leaders, and teams.

Coaching Approach

Coaching is about you and for you – to create a space to think differently. To be inspired, committed and supported to achieve positive change (the way you do things) and realise your results (goals big and small).

I see the change through the lens of neuroscience and apply the teachings of  what we know about the brain and how we can use this knowledge to optimise our wellbeing and effectiveness at work and across our lives.

In the coaching sessions you will have a space to think (deeply and diversely) and explore alternatives to do things differently. You will learn some powerful techniques to assist you as you make changes in your world.

The application is a combined approach of systems thinking, positive psychology and mindfulness, driven by the latest findings in contemporary neuroscience.

Mandy is an accredited Results Coach through the Neuroleadership Institute as well as with Neurozone.

Neurozone’s Individual High Performance App and Report and Team High Performance Assessment and Report enables individuals, teams and organisations to optimise their brain-body systems and improve core competencies.

Learning and development within the Carlson business is continuous.

Coaching Engagements

Coaching engagements offer you the opportunity to set short-term goals and work towards your vision, and/or support you through change or a dilemma. Coaching engagements can be customised for different individual, team, leadership or organisational needs.

  • Goal-Achievement = 12-sessions either weekly over 3 months or bi-weekly over 6 months.
  • Change/Dilemma Intervention = 4 sessions within 12 weeks.

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