Learning and Development Programmes

Evidence shows that coaching-supported learning is more effective than traditional learning programmes, courses and one-off learning experiences.

Hard skills that focus on the human factor are no longer the soft skills and are essential for today’s organisations for leaders and teams for wellbeing for effectiveness.

Mandy Carlson has researched the evidence and listened to clients and shares these exciting L&D solutions. Solutions for Learning and Development –

  • A blended, coaching-supported, and cost-effective learning and change solution 
  • Content that can be curated and packaged per organisation for leaders and teams 
  • Coaching-supported learning for applied, integrated, and more effective long-term change and learning in action
  • Combines personal mastery and training 
  • Provides an opportunity to integrate team and individual personal development goals 
  • Innovative neuroscience-based learning experience using a combination of online self-study, web-based and/or in-person interface (post Covid-19 safety restrictions)
  • Digitally set up for user access via an established hosted carlson learning portal
  • Paced to ensure most effective learning in practice and accommodate leader/team deliverables
  • Continuously curating content that is relevant to our current reality and client environment

Contact Mandy to find out more, and enrol your team in one of these L&D Programmes.