Understanding growth mindset opens up possibility

‘The more you believe your abilities are malleable, the more likely you are to focus on developing them, knowing you have the potential to do so.’

How have I learnt from this?

  1. Asking what beliefs enable or disable my ability to move forward/change/grow?
  2. Bringing one belief into awareness, and challenging it mindfully (gently without judgement).
  3. Allowing options of new beliefs to surface, and feeling which ones make more sense (bring more value).
  4. Committing to practising my new belief in thought and action.
  5. Experiencing the value of the change.

No new year’s resolution needed. Just a new way of thinking!

Thanks #NeuroleadershipInstitute for your continued influence to grow minds, teams and organisations.

Here is the most recent and relevant article by the NLI on growth mindset: https://neuroleadership.com/your-brain-at-work/imposter-syndrome-cure-growth-mindset/

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