Through the tension – creating certainty

Holding the tension between what is known and what is unknown can offer us a real opportunity to learn and change. An empowering space to be.

How do we travel through the tension between now and future?

This is the space between our current context as we experience it in our reality and our future context of possibility yet to be experienced.

Let’s take this moment to explore both sides and bring them a little closer by giving attention to the concept of certainty.

Certainty relates to experiencing what is. A kind of knowing in our minds and in our bodies. Why in our bodies too? Because we sense and think with more than just our minds, with our bodies too and our body-brain system is one system.

Creating certainty is in the spotlight as being a contributing factor for effectiveness.

Effectiveness encompasses wellbeing of body and mind and our application of ourselves in everyday life. It is a dynamic concept and refers to how capable we are of doing well what we need to do as well as building our capability to stretch and grow further with even greater resilience and results.

Just think about the uncertain paths we [humans] have and are navigating. There are more uncertainties than ever experienced during this time of survival and transition in our worlds. And at the same, there is so much opportunity. We just need to see it, feel it, commit to it, and really care to make it happen.

Finding ourselves somewhere within a current world and future world where both are presenting largely as uncertain, creates tension which we can work with constructively and creatively, or it can lead to stress that can impact negatively on our bodies and our brains [think burnout], and our lives [ourselves and others].

Think about this and ask how it would feel to be more certain. For example, it may feel like a sense of relief which means a more relaxed mind and body state. This is the sweet spot where we want to be physiologically speaking – relaxed body, relaxed mind – to be able to see with greater clarity and to do things differently to create something better for a better result.

We spend a lot of time looking back and in the present, while looking at future scenarios could create a greater experience of certainty.

Create future scenarios for certainty – to ease the tension to feel more empowered and relaxed.

Giving attention to what if means that we can experience how we think, feel and would respond based on the information we have at hand, and the more personally relevant the information we have at hand, the more we can increase our ability to think and feel and respond most effectively.

How can having a greater sense of certainty support us in reducing negatively impacting stress, build resilience, and ultimately empower us in our thinking and behaviours?

Really looking to identify certainties and uncertainties and then exploring these from different angles – from diverse perspectives – can enhance our ability to be equipped with the right information [in our bodies and brains] and the right responses [in our behaviours]. We are empowered.

Enhancing our learning for innovative thinking and behaving can lead us to be more effective. This applies not just to us as individuals but also us as groups like families, teams, and organisations.

Create diverse scenarios of the future for deeper understanding, and a greater sense of certainty. Be curious, question, and see which ones grab your attention as being most realistic. In the process you may feel discomfort in your body and your mind until you reach just that right amount of tension [another sweet spot?].

  • Gather information that informs our thinking.
  • Gather information that challenges our thinking.
  • Gather the most diverse [and credible] information that enables us to make the most of our thinking.

What one action can you take feel more certain about an uncertainty this week?

There is a lot of research and science behind future-proofing options for self and organisations as shared for example by Gartner through their scenario planning tools, as well as creating certainty (Neuroleadership Institute) and building resilience (Neurozone).

As always, the information shared by carlson is done so with care and is educational without being academic for the purposes of bringing about positive change. The content is substantiated by contemporary neuroscience findings, and diverse experiential learnings of real people in their everyday lives (including that of the author), through the application of brain- and body-based coaching techniques.