The law of attraction

There is so much evidence of this in life, through our experiences – self, groups and organisations.

Understanding and using the brain intentionally adds a new dimension to thinking, mindset and our life experience. For the better!

‘The law of attraction is strongly connected to us aligning all of our brain power. It describes the way that we can create the relationships, situations and material things that come into our lives as a direct consequence of the way we think and the subconscious beliefs that underlie that. We ‘manifest’ them by focusing on them, visualizing them becoming true, and directing our energy towards them through our actions. This is the idea that by choosing to focus your energy and attention towards something, it can be manifested in your life.’

Now imagine if we practiced this as a society for systemic change?

Read “What People Miss About The Law Of Attraction” – another great article by Dr Tara Swart Bieber.