Improving our human experience. On earth. Now.

‘The world turned out differently from the predictions—and, in many ways, better. Thanks to technological advances, political and economic reforms, and cultural changes, average human physical well-being has, by almost every measure, improved since 1970.’

As we grapple between safety and uncertainty at this moment in our human calendar, and hover in the environmental calendar between Earth Hour of 28th March and Earth Day of 22 April, I pause for a moment and share this article by CHARLES C. MANN featured in National Geographic Magazine’s April issue.

A read somewhat more optimistic giving attention to the facts, with data that reflects how our wellbeing as humans has improved since the first Earth Hour of 1970.

Focusing on the facts – credible, reliable and validated information – is essential for minimising stress in our body-brain systems, and enabling our body-brain systems to be most effective for good immunity. What we feed our brains is just as important as what we feed our bodies. And we need to ALL be well – one great system, one greater ecosystem.

Here’s to keeping safe and being well!