Safety First – a call to make a call this week

How are you communicating about the Covid-19 virus to and with your people?

Leaders of organisations, teams and Human Capital have a real opportunity to Communicate with Care –with the human factor in mind.

What comes first? Physical, Psychological or Social safety?

  • Yes, feeling physically safe is essential for our reassurance (in our body-brain system) of staying alive to survive.
  • Yes, feeling psychologically safe at work means we can speak up without fear and contribute collaboratively to problem solving and innovation.
  • Yes, feeling socially safe enables more meaningful coexistence in and contribution to our team.
  • Yes, each of these has a direct impact on development, effectiveness and wellbeing and all are inextricably linked as interrelated parts of the whole system of self and self within the greater system. Organisational and scientific research and personal experience are our evidence.

In my current work contexts I am advising clients to communicate with care. What we share, and the source of this information needs to be relevant and valid, to ensure that people remain calm in body and mind to be able to function effectively by thinking clearly.

Removing distractions that can cause stress on the body-brain system by filtering and discerning excessive, false or panic information, increases our ability to focus and maintain a relaxed physiological state.

Why is this important?

To reduce panic to raise resilience. Self and system.

We support our emotional response system which is activated by the amygdala (an almond shaped structure in the brain known as the seat of emotion) to react most appropriately and not go into overdrive. In so doing we allow the most sophisticated part of our brain the pre-frontal cortex aka PFC (and its many neural circuitries or highways of information) to perform in the best possible way to ensure our physical, psychological and social safety is in check.

Be safe in all senses, in particular this week, how you communicate and receive information. What you say and what you do has impact on yourself and others.

Please feel free to share here or personally your experiences, thoughts and solutions that could add value to this conversation.

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