Change through creative learning!

Essential to thriving – for individuals, leaders, teams, organisations, and societies – is Learning. Learning=Innovation=Growth=Thriving!

Exploring and applying different approaches to learning and development (L&D) has been an exciting learning for clients and for me, and I see evidence of shifts in thinking, and being and doing. Small shifts sometimes but significant enough to have a ripple effect. One person, one thing, one thought shared, influences another.

Initiating creative change and learning interventions that are more natural means creating the spaces for human beings to communicate through collaborative conversations where learning happens through insights and shared experiences. This more natural learning experience also makes dedicated learning most efficient – think time, money, effort – and is influencing change of mindsets and behaviours. An organic approach to building culture.

Emphasising growth mindset, and psychological and social safety, provide powerful foundations or conditions for creating a real space for change and learning.

With new patterns of behaviour, the learning is continuous.
Celebrating clients for being open and courageous to new ideas as we create meaningful change!

Inspired by a recent post on Linkedin by Gwendoline Long, head of Global PS Solutions at SHL