Restorative agriculture

‘Restorative agriculture’ – it’s about putting back in, planting the seeds to ensure a thriving community. More than just an analogy – an incredibly powerful approach people and business.

Patagonia is a natural leader in investing and developing human resources by being progressive and human in its engagement with employees (yes, let’s go surfing) and organisational and consumer community. In addition, the organisation pays attention to its impact on the environment in the attempt to tread lightly.

And now a step further to create growth, and going full circle by linking systemic growth. Read this NLI interview with Patagonia’s Dean Carter on How To Treat Employees Like People or listen to the podcast interview.

The Neuroscience Leadership Institute (NLI) has been masterful in partnering with organisations like Patagonia, doing more than disrupting but co-creating a better work life for leaders, teams and individuals working 100 years from now.

Thank you to Patagonia’s CHRO,Dean Carter, and NLI’s Dr David Rock for sharing these inspirational learnings.

YES to seeds, soil, and sustainability for people and planet!