Give yourself a dose of green high this time of year!

The brain naturally produces chemicals like endorphins and endocannabinoids (yes this does sound a lot like the green herb and has a similar effect) that put us on a high by attaching themselves to receptors in the body relating to pain and reward.

This excerpt is an older blog article I repost as I have had many conversations with clients, friends and family, and self about doing what we can – naturally and within our grasp – to lift our energy for this last (work) stretch of the calendar year, and for the upcoming social season.

Get your greens naturally.

Being green from the inside out – doing and being as nature intended – is within your grasp. Switch off all the other noise, and focus on what comes naturally and is needed by your body-brain system – eating the right foods at the right times, weekly variety of exercise and movement, routined sleep-wake cycles, and practising active forms of silencing our minds (mindfulness training). Little investment is required, it’s all within your control – just a shift of thinking and creating (new) habits – and can move you towards a greater sense of wellbeing. For those who have completed their Neurozone FourCore Assessments, practice these foundational drivers to support yourself to end the year on a high.

Remove the distractions.

Clear as many distractions as you can from your desk, your office, your home, your car, your calendar and your to-do lists. Ask, what is getting in the way of my clear thinking and feeling lighter? Give attention to what you need right now in this moment – what thought, what feeling? Clear the clutter in your mind [reminder of the Power of Now]. Hold only in your mind the thoughts you need in this meeting, in this conversation, in this activity.

Be well – in all senses.

Your brain will thank you, and you will breathe [figuratively and literally] with greater ease.

Your world needs you well!