Using products from nature – bioplastic from fish scales!

An exciting and impactful achievement. Well done, and thank you Lucy Hughes!

Curious thinking, creative problem-solving by exploring and committing to different ways of doing things for innovating new and sustainable solutions equals impact for the collective good (people and planet).

This is such a breakthrough and I hope to see this in the marketplace and available in SA ASAP.
To all our retailers, manufacturers, and bulk plastic users, when can we see a change in products?
To our policy makers and influencers, when can we see the change?

The challenge of not buying or using plastic wrapping (conveniently) is a challenge that has been a distracting though as I struggle with finding natural solutions. What a phenomenal solution [Insert smiley face and warm heart]!

Thanks to Ben Botes and Tonya Hester for sharing. I am learning SO much LinkedIn (when I do pop on).
Learning involves Action for Change.

Image: World Economic Forum