A real commitment to learning

Well done on showing up for this 7am start – a different perspective on ‘How to influence Team Effectiveness through the lens of neuroscience’.

Thanks again to those participating for the great experience, and to the PMSA Team of Volunteer Organisers. And thanks to the virtual supporters who were unable to attend.

Here are some of the insights shared by the attending Project Managers, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

  • ‘Invest in yourself to impact the team’
  • ‘Where to start – I feel so motivated now’
  • ‘Great to think about these things consciously’
  • ‘I need to calm down, and slow down’
  • ‘It’s the emotional factor (of leadership) that is most important to bring the team together’
  • ‘Fantastic, I learnt so much’
  • ‘Being more in control of my thoughts’
  • ‘Really thinking about what I need to do’ ‘Experiencing the focused breathing exercise really made me feel calmer (in mind and body)’