Friday’s matter! A new brain area discovered

Why is this relevant?

To THRIVE. We hold the golden key that can influence our health and lives from a reactive position of surviving to a proactive position of thriving – in body, mind and within our environmental context. We can build resilience to stressors through everyday behaviours. And we can help each other to improve or reduce the impact of disease.

Each new Neuroscience-based finding enables us to understand how our body-brain system works most effectively, and how we can use this information to impact our wellbeing and improve our lifestyles.

Ask: How well am I living?

I seem to encounter more and more stories of neurodegenerative diseases in younger adults (think of the many types of dementias), autoimmune dysfunction, and mental illness vulnerabilities affecting youths and adults. There are some things that are out of our control, but optimistically there are many things within our control and influence. Ageing does not mean we have to accept that our brain is susceptible to these diseases or mass deterioration. Neuroscience shows us NO.

We can influence our mass of matter, enable healthy brain functioning, and positively stave off these diseases by building a resilient body-brain system, and LIVE a thriving life.

Read more about this new brain area and its significance in this article in Medical News. ‘…discovering a brain area that regulates fine motor control may have significant implications for neurodegenerative conditions that affect a person’s motor skills, such as Parkinson’s disease and motor neuron disease.