It’s Brain Awareness Week 11-17 March

What are you doing to keep your brain healthy?

Overwhelmed by what you want to do/should do/would like to do? Choose just one new behaviour.

1. Get up and move from your desk or workspace every 20 minutes.
2. Pack or buy an energy-giving lunch on Friday when you would usually indulge in something less nutritious.
3. Take a walk in nature this weekend.
4. Volunteer this month to enable your sense of purpose.
5. Do this week whatever that ’thing’ is that you wisely know is good for you.
And commit to it. Committed action can lead to new wiring in the brain and new behaviours.
Choose those habits that are good for you, and good for your brain.

You can influence healthier brain functioning!

‘Research suggests that self-efficacy—feeling that what you do makes a difference—maintains cognitive capacities. People who believe their lives have purpose stay sharp and live longer. Volunteering for a cause important to you is one way. What gives you purpose?’

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Image: Brain Awareness Week