a space to think – green

How can you reduce the weight of your footprint and live more harmoniously with the environment?

An overwhelming thought but the answer really does lie in ourselves – our mindset, our behaviour, and our impact on the world – people, process, and planet.

Just one green change makes a ripple impact on our environment and its people.

Think green.

Produce green energy.

Yes you can!

What can you do this week?

In your home –

1. Your chemicals.
How biodegradable are they? In other words, how healthy are they for you and your family and your environment?
Do you want to reduce allergies? Change to using cost-effective eco-friendly products or make your own with everyday ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda.

2. Your shopping habits.
How do you say no to single-use plastic and unnecessary mass produced goods? Philosophically ask, how much capitalist conspiracy is there in the selling of (oh-you-so-have-to-have-these) goods and the real cycle of consumerism?]
How much can you fix or recycle, repurpose and reuse?

3. Your foods and cooking methods.
How can you buy only what you need and make these healthy and wholesome?
What can you grow seasonal fruit and veg and nuts organically in your own garden or pots?

4. Your waste.
How can you minimise your waste (to maximum one small bag per week)?
What is biodegradable waste and what can be recycled? What recycling companies collect in your area or where is the nearest recycling depot where you can drop off weekly?
Say no to adding to landfill.

Turn your world green!

Ask challenging questions to open your perspective and get you thinking for change.

Turn your behaviours into good green habits that have a positive impact on your world.

And if you are driven and passionate and care, a business leader, or leader in your community or country, what can you do now to invest in a greener future?

Here’s a great example of positive macro change for a greener impact in Ethiopia.

What can SA’s cities do to invest in change for the greater green good?

PS As a driven, passionate and caring citizen of the world, I was inspired by this attached article to write this piece! Small impact perhaps but I am inspired and maybe one or two of you too?