Optimise wellbeing for performance

‘I speak from personal and professional experience when I say the FourCore insights and inclusions enable us to shift our mindset to change our behaviour to impact our resilience for high performance’, says Dr Etienne van der Walt, Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Science at Neurozone.  Etienne is an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist and authority in early childhood brain development.

DR ETIENNE VAN DER WALT Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Science Neurozone BSc, BMedSc, MBChB, MMed (Neurology)

The FourCore Assessment is a validated, analytical diagnostic for the optimisation of the entire brain-body system. And the Team Analytic tool enables you to map your organisation’s collective brain.

Individualised and Group reports, together with coaching, provide guidance towards greater understanding of wellbeing for performance as well as pragmatic suggestions for personal and organisational transformation.

Some of Neurozone’s global clients include MIT Sloan School Executive Management Program, McKinsey, Duke Corporate Education, Investec, Deloitte, Barclays Africa, Liberty.

Mandy Carlson uses the findings of neuroscience and incorporates Neurozone tools to facilitate change for enhanced performance.

Contact mandy@carlson.co.za for more insights and/or an introduction.