a space to think

“We all think differently. No two brains are alike.
We can change our thinking, build new hardwiring in the brain,
create new habits, and change how we live.”

a space to think

Welcome to a space to think.
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Carlson is refocused and refreshed combining consulting and coaching services through the lens of neuroscience.

What brought about this new focus and drive to connect?

I see greater opportunities for change.
Thanks to new findings in the field of neuroscience, there are such validated and valuable insights about the brain and how we can use these to positively change – people, teams and organisations. Deepening our understanding of how we are wired, and opening our worldview to possibilities, can lead to changes in our behaviour. And through these new habits or patterns of behaviour we can impact our performance and improve our wellbeing. Imagine the systemic impact?

How can this translate into change?

For example, a new perspective on a strained relationship between team member(s) and leader. Seeing a bigger picture of the relationship and the possibilities of trying different ways of interacting. And then choosing the best solution and practising that. With a vision and the right support.
Or, a new structure or business change that needs a revised vision, values and roles of team members. Co-creating a new and common vision, aligning team and organisational values, developing roles that align with the vision, and creating a process that supports and integrates the elements of change to impact performance.
Or, how to really bring out the best in your teams, in particular, diverse teams and millennials. Looking at the how. How to understand each other’s perspectives and how to bring about improved team effectiveness.

How can this be done?

A consulting process mapped with the right interventions for you. A coaching engagement (teams and leaders) to support you in your actions. It’s that simple.

I work with and for people and companies across industries, including start-ups, education, retail, financial services, professional services, IT, FMCG, wine, non-profit, and online ventures.

The focus is on bringing together the organisational development/change consulting and the coaching as performance solutions for clients. Any change, big or small that requires a change strategy or process, and coaching at all levels.

From time to time I would like to inform you about Carlson events and experiences like workshops, talks, and insights. And I welcome and invite your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

Feel free to contact me for a conversation to explore how we can implement change and make better performance possible. Take this first step in making the change you want in your life, your team, or your organisation.