Coaching for Effectiveness

I see change – and the opportunity for change – through the lens of neuroscience.

After years of working with people and teams in the area of organisational and personal development/change, my knowledge and experience converges on an exciting path of coaching using contemporary neuroscientific findings and systems thinking.

Neuroscience offers us amazing and applicable insights to the brain-body system, and how we – as individuals and teams – can improve our effectiveness. In my coaching work, I apply the learnings of what we know about the brain including neuroplasticity, and how we can use this knowledge to optimise our wellbeing and performance, and develop healthy sustainable habits [effectiveness].

Neuroscience-based solutions

Helping people, teams and organisations achieve their vision using exciting insights from contemporary neuroscience findings to optimise drivers of wellbeing and performance through coaching, development programmes, workshops, talks and tools.

‘We all think differently. No two brains are alike. We can change our thinking, build new hardwiring in the brain, create new habits, and change how we live. ’


Applying customised models of innovative change processes and communication to support leaders and teams to achieve their vision.


Facilitating results – a change in thinking and behaving – using a combined approach driven by neuroscience.

Talent Development and Design

Aligning people processes with the organisation’s vision and values to retain and inspire people to make performance possible.


Optimising brain-body systems through the application of Neurozone’s Individual and Team High Performance products – for individuals, teams and organisations to impact performance and wellbeing. 

How can you make change possible?

Feel free to contact me for a conversation to explore how to implement change and make performance possible.


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